SAP ASP Solution - Why ?



A few USP's about the SAP solution


1. Native SAP ECC integration ( hence  quicker golive time and cost implications)  - none of the other solutions has this functionality. ( others are either FTP or Excel upload)


2. Realtiime Reconciliation Dashboard and audit trail on Invoice wise filing confirmation – not available in multiple other solutions


3. There are many multiple smaller solution providers and consulting organisations that we compete against .  But any organization  cannot afford to risk their sensitive data ( sales and purchase numbers) with either a smaller provider or even with a consulting company. SAP has much stronger governance and security standards . This is a big differentiator and most customers appreciate this.


4. SAP has a large stake in this as more than 25-30% of total invoices generated in the country come out of an SAP system. Hence we have lots riding on this and hence have built a foolproof solution.

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Really Good Comparision and found SAP ASP is reliaible solution,

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