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GST has opened up opportunities for businesses


“GST has opened up opportunities for businesses in over 160 countries and helped them move beyond the physical constraints to expand exponentially by harnessing digital prowess, “said DS Rawat, secretary general, Assocham.

The roll-out of the new GST government will make it necessary as a result over 51 million SMEs in India to consider reinvesting or redefining their business processes.

GST will change the India does a business. India is having a huge population so the estimated invoices uploaded on GST will be three to five billion every month. And over 40% transactions will be process through SAP system. So the SAP consultants need to ready for the GST implementation.


  1. Understanding GST and impact in SAP system of customers TAXINJ
  2. Estimating work involved to migrate SAP system of customer from TAXINJ to TAXINN
  3. Learning configuration steps involved in implementing TAXINN and activating the same
  4. Understanding SAP tool usage for migrating open procurement documents to tax procedure TAXINN
  5. Understanding testing requirements to discover successful migration

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