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SAVIC Support Methodology

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SAVIC service delivery model for SAP  Customers are supported by a robust process and infrastructure  framework. SAVIC will implement & support word-class Best Practices,  call on its Centers of Excellence, and use continual review and  feedback from SAP Customers as the pillars of Service Delivery  Excellence. 
  1. Manage changes in  
  2. the IT environment
  3. Effectively manage  
  4. budgets and resources
  5.  Identify opportunities for both incremental  
  6. and radical process improvements
  7.  Drive costs out  
  8. of service delivery
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Keep your systems running at peak performance – and get more  value from your new and existing SAP software – with SAP Support. We  offer a range of support services,        including long-term plans, embedded teams, remote technology  support, a self-service portal, and more. Our experts can help with  everything from        SAP implementation and maintenance to system improvements and  innovation strategies.

SAVIC customers and partners can search our knowledge base, find solutions to issues, report incidents, and more.

AVIC Service Level Management Framework 

Privacy policy - description

The SAVIC SAP support solution  offered to Customer is based on SUPPORT@SAVI which is proven solution  which addresses all major and minor challenges in the support life  cycle. SAVIC will establish service level management framework to  ensure that for the SLA’s committed, necessary Operational Level  Agreements and Under Pinning Contracts are in place to ensure the  delivery of agreed target levels. SAVIC proposes the following key  principles for service level management: 

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